Musky 360
Chas Martin

Bucktail Basics & New Water

If you are planning on scouting and exploring new muskie water this season then you MUST make sure your basic bucktail skills are in tip-top shape! From casting and synchronizing to bursting and figure-8 fundamentals, the importance of possessing each one of these bucktails skills is just as important as the next. Without just one of them, you are very limited in what you can achieve in your scouting endeavors. Casting accuracy extremely important with blades and it is especially challenging when you are faced with a stiff breeze like I am in this episode. Watch the cast that catches this awesome musky in this episode, as I am careful to manage the casting distance so that I do not overshoot into the Lilly pads and grasses. If you watch very carefully, you will see that I do not cast directly up to the edge of the Lilly pads either. I stop the cast a tad short to avoid hanging up in the super-thick grass that is growing right under the surface. And from the moment the blade of my 700…

C Chas Martin