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Steven Paul

Ready For Battle : The Musky Tackle Check List

Muskies are exhausting. Mentally and physically they will push you to your limits. They require not only that you beat the water endlessly for little reward, but also that you huck the largest, heaviest baits until your shoulders scream and your hands go numb. These gifts are given in generous portions to those few of us who crazy enough to target the ultimate predator.

S Steven Paul
Joe Bucher

Figure 8's 101 : Boat Side Tactics

The figure 8 technique is certainly nothing new in the musky world, yet few anglers have truly mastered this incredible technique. When done correctly, it can be super deadly. In fact, at times it seems like every musky in a lake wants to follow the lure and strike at boatside. However, some musky anglers are far better at this technique than others, and they are able to take full advantage of this weird behavioral trait that muskies have for following lures to the boat. Let’s take a closer look at what makes one angler’s figure 8 that much better than the next.

J Joe Bucher