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Cold Weather, Cold Fronts, and Deep-Water Muskies

After the fall turnover, when the turmoil of turnover lake soup settles, you might be asking yourself where have all the muskies gone. All of the sudden, the water starts to get super chilly, and it seems like the fish have all but disappeared. A lot of fishermen ask themselves these same questions and the answer is easier to understand than you might believe, it just requires a little science to get back on track.

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Joe Bucher

Figure 8's 101 : Boat Side Tactics

The figure 8 technique is certainly nothing new in the musky world, yet few anglers have truly mastered this incredible technique. When done correctly, it can be super deadly. In fact, at times it seems like every musky in a lake wants to follow the lure and strike at boatside. However, some musky anglers are far better at this technique than others, and they are able to take full advantage of this weird behavioral trait that muskies have for following lures to the boat. Let’s take a closer look at what makes one angler’s figure 8 that much better than the next.

J Joe Bucher
Steven Paul

A Musky Guides Guide to the Tools You Need

Whether you use a butt seat while fishing or you just stand on the deck, all musky anglers keep a wide variety of tools and lures in a "quick reference" area on their boats. Many anglers choose to use a specific locker or crate on the boat that holds all of the items you want close by, but other guys have learned that on of the most efficient ways to keep your most beloved gear nearby is by using an underseat caddy.

S Steven Paul