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Chas Martin

Wisconsin Muskies: Hunting Giants

Musky Fishing Wisconsin Truly giant muskies in the northeast section of Wisconsin, on inland lakes, are rare. In fact, if you have spent a considerable amount of time chasing muskies in Vilas County, you would likely agree with me that the word “rare” does not accurately describe the population distribution of trophy muskellunge in the area. Opportunities to catch muskies that weigh in at over 30 pounds, and those approaching or exceeding the magical 50-inch mark, do not come around every day. Better yet, an opportunity at catching a trophy musky with the dimensions I am describing might not even happen over the course of an entire season!

C Chas Martin
Chas Martin

Best Producing Lure for Musky Numbers : Vlog Chas Martin

There are no secret lures in the sport of musky fishing but there are certainly some that produce more than others. In fact, if you were to take a look at the hundreds of muskies that I have been very blessed to have slimed my net over the last decade, you would find that a majority of them have been caught on ONE LURE type! The 500 Series Buchertail is that lure for me and my clients and it is so deadly for us, that it is - ACTUALLY A RULE THAT IT BE THROWN AT ALL TIMES ON ALL GUIDE TRIPS! Now I know this might sound dramatic, or a bit overkill, but when a lure consistently produces muskie action, and reminded this is the the fish of 10,000 casts we are talking about here, we would be crazy not to throw it! So, vlog #6 for the season 3 show is all about the 500 Buchertail and a thorough discussion on why it is so good! I begin by telling the story of how the “new and improved” 500 Tinsel model came to be in 2013 and then we break into some solid musky action and break down a…

C Chas Martin
Doug Wegner

Crazy Musky Action : Lake of the Woods

Have you ever had one of those special days where it seemed like you could do no wrong? Like the musky Gods just said okay you have put in your time here ya go. I was lucky enough to have one of those special days this last summer with my good friend Jace Loge on Lake of The Woods. Let's get into how it all came together and the things that made this day great.

D Doug Wegner
Steven Paul

Sharpen Your Skills : Timber and Laydowns

While fishing timber for muskies is an ominipresent option in the South, the effectiveness of targeting timber across the entirety of the muskie's habit range can not be overstated. From Tennessee to Canada, if there is standing timber, logs, and laydowns, then there will be muskies. Timber and laydowns are a stationary type of cover that hungry muskies use as an ambush point regardless of season. These partially or fully submerged pieces of wood are something savy musky anglers know they can count on early in the season or during lean years when vegetation is lacking.

S Steven Paul
Jodie Mills

The Long Haul

You could easily argue that I am a solid product of Rural America. My love of a simple, no frills, quiet lifestyle can’t be denied. My childhood in Southern Missouri was defined by outdoor adventure and an impossible distaste for shoes. All my “miles-between” neighbors and county school pals will be quick to tell you that fishing might well be in our blood. When my siblings, friends and I were small, our currency was tackle, our side-arms were Zebcos, and our battle hymn was the Ninja Turtles theme song. The memories of Saturday morning cartoons, followed by a mile-long trek to creeks and blue gill galore, shaped the person I am today, but what on Earth does this have to do with Musky fishing right? It’s only the beginning of it all. The beginnings of a love that takes you to your limit of highs and lows. The great hunt and the first catch.

J Jodie Mills