Musky 360
Tom Dietz

Small Details Equals More Muskies

In today’s world of advanced angling tactics and high tech gear that is now available to musky anglers, it sometimes becomes easy to forget the little things that are important for us to be consistently successful on the water. These small, yet very important, details I will be discussing in this article are every bit as important as your lure selection, lake selection, or choice of boat, etc. Let’s face it, many of us who have careers, that do not enable us to be on the water full time, need to keep sharp when it comes to the small details in order to consistently boat muskies year in and year out. When our actual “on the water” time is somewhat limited due to our work or family schedules, it becomes imperative that we stay on top of our game by paying close attention to many of the smaller but very important details that ultimately make or break our success when it comes to landing more muskies each year.

T Tom Dietz