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Steven Paul

Early Season Success Might Just be Surface Deep

Time and time again you’ve heard musky experts like Joe Bucher, Chas Martin and others talk about the importance of shallow water and the sun’s thermal effect on muskies during the early part the season. Its undeniable that post spawn muskies will seek refuge in “hot spots” like bays and coves that are at times only slightly warmer than the main lake basins. These “hot spot” muskies rarely venture far from the comfort of the shallow bays until a bit later in the season. But catching these shallow water fish can be frustrating as they are often more finicky than fired up.

S Steven Paul
Joe Bucher

Keys To Early Season Musky Success

Early season musky fishing is something that all us, who are musky nuts, can't wait to start doing, yet few us are truly successful at catching fish during this period of time. You've heard all the cliches "It's too early, They're still spawning, The water's too cold, We need some nice weather to get'em going. " The list goes on and on, but for the most part none of it should hinder your ability to catch your favorite fish during the early season. What you do need to know is WHERE the muskies are exactly, and WHAT conditions and lures are going to trigger them to strike.

J Joe Bucher