Titan Junior New for 2023

Written on 03/17/2023
Musky 360

UPDATE : The first production run of the Livingston Lures Titan Junior sold out in just a few hours.  The next batch should be avaliable by April 1st. Please sign up at MuskyShop.com for updates and restock sign ups.

As always, March marks the introduction of exciting new bait lineups, modifications, and colors promising anglers a grand kickoff for the upcoming musky season opener.  This spring is notably more exciting with the release of a downsized version of the widely popular, Livingston Titan.  The Livingston Titan Junior designed by Steven Paul, is a 6”, 1.5 oz lure guaranteeing the same easy dive and rise action of its predecessor.   Titan Junior takes the work out of using dive and rise action by giving you a lure that’s pre-tuned, weighted, and set to engage all ranges of predatory fish.

Though specifically designed for a downsized musky presentation, Titan Junior’s sideways wobble, backward retreat, wildly swirling tail, and nose-diving action, makes it enticing to any predatory gamefish with a large enough mouth to tackle its sizeable bite.  Titan Junior gives anglers an edge by giving them a great presentation regardless of the various ways you work it.  The nose front line tie, allows it to dive erratically, creating unique situations with each cast. 

Titan Junior can be worked with just a turn of the handle for novice anglers; but for those who love to strategize - taps, pulls, pauses, and whips can give the Junior wildly effective exhibitions to drive gamefish wild. 

The Titan Junior comes perfectly weighted for ease of use.  This downsized version works best in the 2-6ft water column and perfectly taps weeds or rocks without missing a beat.  The rise is always measured and can get even the most neutral fish to give it a look.  Titan Junior can be used during any season.  It really shines as an early season presentation, but honestly any time you find a need for a shallower or downsized presentation, or a throw back bait, it can bring heat. 

Everybody understands that Dive and Rise presentations aren’t always the most exciting ways to fish for musky, likely because anglers just love to rapidly crank that handle.  However, since the enlistment of the Livingston Titan and now Titan Junior, the easy format makes it less challenging and more universally easy to try this style.  Similarly to a glide bait, dive and rise lures are all about adding your own finesse and seeing what you can make the bait do. 

Offered in 16 colors, Titan Junior offers a range of options to make it effective in any level of clarity of water or calendar day.  Pick one of up at the Musky Shop and try it out today!