Smuttly Dog-Crazy Dogs | Jay's Bait of the Week

Written on 07/08/2024
Jay Esse

Smuttly Dog-Crazy Dogs

  The Crazy Dog jerk baits from Smuttly Dog are exceptional hand crafted jerk baits that come in both a 6" and 8" model.  The action is truly unique, predominantly dive rise, but with some side to side and erratic mixed in to help drive big muskies nuts. 
  The larger model comes in at around 6 ounces and is easy to work. Short snaps and pulls get it diving and that slow rise on the pause...deadly! A variety of speeds work too, many jerks are somewhat limited with slower retrieves, not these.
  The finish and paint work on these baits are top notch and very much respected amongst the musky fishing world. 
  Heavy action rods work the best, a stout rod will help with a proper presentation. 80 pound super braid like masterbraid or power pro is recommended. Many folks love solid wire leaders in this case, but i love 130 fluoro for all jerk bait presentations. 
  6 color patterns round out the selection on both sizes, the walleye being an amazing clear to stained water choice.
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