Weagle Walk the Dog Topwater

Written on 06/02/2024
Musky 360

Suick Weagle

  When it comes to topwater baits for muskies, one style has always been a constant player in regards to success, the walk-the-dog style. Suick Weagles come in 3 sizes and perform in a more aggressive manner compared to traditional lures.
  They are heavier, ride lower in the water, and do not suffer from blowing out, which is a tendency of lighter lures of the same style. The 8" middle size model weighs in at 3.5 ounces, casts as far as you have line on your spool, and works with short pulls, then slack line. This gets the weagle to dance from side to side. When mixed in with more violent pulls and speed variations, it is a musky presentation that works in even choppier water conditions. 
  Think of them as glide baits on top, and you will see the potential of them from shallow weedy conditions to even open water. 
  9 color patterns, 3 sizes, 5.5", 8" and 10" and a super tough body made to last for musky after musky.
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