Llungen Lures 50. Cal

Written on 05/26/2024
Jay Esse

Llungen Lures 50 Cal

  The big frame 50 Cal from Llungen Lures packs a punch. Big and loud, this tough plastic mid range diving crank has internal weights and rattles to announce its presence with authority. 11 inches with lip and 3.4 ounces make it easy to cast and retrieve without unusual resistance. The wide-rolling wobble and sound from this diver transmit well in darker or dirty water conditions. The belly roll is evident casted or trolled, along with the somewhat slow rise on the pause. 
  Try sweeping your rod when bringing this bait in, then pausing to mix things up and trigger reluctant muskies. It will track well at higher speeds, but performs very well at slower speeds, down to 2MPH, and will troll beyond 10 feet.
  With 9 solid colors to choose from, walleye 2.0 stands out to me for the northern zone as a go to pattern.
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