Bobbie Baits Muksy Dive and Rive : Jay's Bait of the Week

Written on 05/05/2024
Jay Esse

Bobbie Baits

  If you have been around the sport of musky fishing long enough, then you've no doubt heard of the Bobbie Baits. They are classic dive-rise wood jerk baits that have transcended time. 
  With the flat belly and adjustable metal tail, they provide a simple, but effective stop and go type action that big fish have responded to for over 7 decades. The tail itself only needs slight bends to vary the pitch of the dive. The greater the bend downward, the higher the dive angle. 
  These models are weighted, but all have a slow rise, allowing the angler to work these jerkbaits over and around cover with ease. Slow pulls with immediate slack in the line get Bobbie dancing. Mix it up with longer pulls and amount of pause to get fish to commit.
  Cold front, windy days and high skies are excellent times to bring these out to probe shallower areas where muskies and big pike are feeding. They are available in 3 lengths, 8, 9 and 12 inch, in a variety of great color patterns. Blotchy walleye and glitter sucker stand out as perfect choices for all but very dark water. The 9 inch model might seem to be a large presentation to some, but it has a slim profile and weighs in at just over 4 ounces. There is no need for a rod with massive power to work them, a fairly stout rod in the 3 to 6 ounce rating will work perfectly.
  Bobbies are too good to ignore.
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