Rattle Hawg Musky Lure

Written on 04/08/2024
Jay Esse

Rattle Hawg

  The Rattle Hawg from Hawg Seekers Tackle is an interesting topwater presentation with fantastic action. Flaptail sound, violent wiggle, hand crafted and buoyant. This 6" lure comes in around 2.4 ounces. 
  With a wide body profile and a large lip, the side to side motion can be irresistible to everything from bass to muskies. The speed of the retrieve can be varied, with the rod tip down a slow pace above water works like a charm. Speed it up slightly with a high rod angle and the bait scampers on top perfectly. But, mix in some surges to get the Rattle Hawg to start diving slightly to turn this thing loose. 
  Another key is how well it figure eights boatside. Drive it under water for explosive sub surface strikes.
  With 5 colors and a moderate price point, this baby is good.
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