9" Bucher Shallow Raider | Jay's Musky 360 Bait of the Week

Written on 03/09/2024
Jay Esse

  Bucher 9" ShallowRaider

  The 9" ShallowRaider looks like a trolling lure at first glance, but it excels at casting too. At 4.6 ounces, this flat sided, wide bodied crank is a versatile tool. It covers the 4 to 6 foot range well, and can be trolled slightly deeper. The side to side roll is an enticing attribute of this lure, and the jerk bait applications are exciting too.

  To keep the lure shallower over high weeds, work the Shallow Raider with short jerks and longer pauses. For more lateral, side-to-side action perform the jerk motion with some slack in your line as you jerk the rod top. Also, allow slack during the pause. Slack line accentuates the side to side action.

  For dark water, or dark conditions, try the grape flame or sunset colors. Otherwise, the sucker pattern is a great all purpose paint job for bright skies.

  Open water trolling? Fish tight to cover? Weed edges? The 9" ShallowRaider will get the job done!

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