Drifter Hellhounds | Jay's Bait of the Week

Written on 02/28/2024
Musky 360

Drifter Hellhounds

  The Hellhounds come in 3 basic models, a 6", 8" and a 6" with a soft tail. Walking the dog underwater is simple to achieve with all models. These baits are solid plastic, consistent, and tough as nails. 
  Many true glide bait presentations are somewhat limited in the speed and depth in which they can be worked. Not true with these. The sink rate is around a foot per second, so counting down the lure before starting the retrieve can put you more accurately at the depth you want. Many gliders need a shorter rod for those downward taps needed. Not with these. Any length rod can get the job done. You can use quick half turns of your reel handle to make them dance. A pull-pause cadence gets the hellhounds to dart to the side, and then hang before slowly dropping. 
  Gliders are best utilized when muskies are negative and neutral, which is the majority of the time. Hellhounds used over and around cover are a time tested deadly method of triggering fish. They can be controlled with speed and rod angle effectively. 
Choose a rod that is rated for 2 to 6 ounce lures and you are in the game. The 6" models weigh around 3.4 ounces, and the 8" is 3.8 ounces. They cast like a bullet, so windy conditions are a breeze to work them in. 12 awesome color patterns for all water and weather conditions.
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