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Written on 02/09/2024
Musky 360

Bitten Tackle Creeper

  The Creeper from Bitten Tackle is a classic musky fishing style lure that sets the bar for both high quality and performance.
   It is Made of solid plastic with wire through construction, and hand tuned wings. Each bait is tested before it is released for perfect and true tracking. The assembly process is time consuming, but worth it, as less and less musky fishing style creeping baits are on the market. 
  Fishing this creeper is simple. Throw it out, and reel it in. Keep it slow however, as a common mistake on this type of lure is too much speed. On the second pass of the bait in the video, the playback speed is roughly 50%, illustrating the deep, plopping sound it transfers. That deep sound carries underwater, and the crawling action on top drives a spotted, or reluctant to strike musky crazy. 
  The night fishing applications are excellent, as this slow and steady walking critter makes it an easy meal. Daytime however would be best used in a throwback situation.
  If a musky follows a bucktail but won't hit, try a second cast with the creeper. It is best used in relatively calmer conditions, both as a pitch back and low light level weapon.
  Longer, flexible style leaders are recommended, I use 130# fluorocarbon, and a long rod. The 5.5" length and 2.7oz weight help it cast well. Long casts with an occasional stop during the front half, and even a small burst or 2 in the second half of the retrieve can always give a little extra help in tripping the trigger of an interested musky. 
  5 colors patterns including a mostly black pattern for the anglers that feel that "any topwater color is good as long as it is black." 
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