Big Fork Lures Papa Chubby | Jay's Bait of the Week

Written on 02/01/2024
Jay Esse

 The Papa Chubby’s double cupped lip and tail churning spinner combine to produce the loud, rhythmic surface busting sound muskies can’t resist. The handcrafted cedar wood body design and detailed finish on this lure have an amazing level of detail you’ll never see on mass produced baits.

  Papa Cubby comes in 2 sizes of this popular surface lure, and 10 color combos. The 8" weighs in at 2.9oz. and the smaller size at 6" and 1.6oz.
  Like all BFL lures, they are hand crafted and produced in small batches by one man, Tom LaBeau, a northern Minnesota native. The quality of his work is second to none, and heralded by anglers for decades. 
  At first glance, they appear to be the typical slower presentation surface lure designed to entice a spotted musky. But on another level they also can be stepped up with higher speed retrieves to fulfil the covering water aspect of fishing.
  The tail provides just enough commotion along with the gurgling front lip and jointed body to displace water in a unique way. Try varying your retrieve speeds during a cast during daytime hours and keep a slower steady pace during lowlight.
  Rods in the 8'6" plus length will work best and a lighter power, such as a bucktail or crankbait setup. Easy to work, easy to figure eight and they track well when driven under water and the end of your cast. If you can get your hands on one of these gems, they are recommended, as great topwater baits serve beginners to experts and love to put big fish in the net.
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