New Musky Lures for 2024

Written on 01/31/2024
Musky Shop

As we are just dipping our toe into 2024, most of our serious angling friends are excitedly making plans for the upcoming Northwoods musky fishing season.  Planning your guide trips, family fun vacations, and boating adventures would not be complete without knowing what’s new at the Musky Shop that might excite and delight seasoned and novice anglers alike.  So, let’s take a run through what’s out so far this year to add some spice to your musky targeting tackle arsenal.

Sure to make a splash this spring is the Musky Safari Tackle Wobbler Surface Bait.  This 7” offering is surely gonna raise some ravenous monsters as soon as the season starts.  The Wobbler features a weighted head and shovel lip that will keep it from fouling or breaking momentum as you reel it in at any speed.  Its segmented body gives it extra sway that easily snakes it back to the rod tip.  This is an excellent topwater lure for beginners or intermediate anglers as it requires nothing but the turn of a handle.  Introduce a seasoned angler and you might find yourself popping and pausing this guy into the mouth of a trophy fish.

If jerkbaits are what you’re itching for to complete your collection, check out the newest line of custom cranks from B&N. New this season will be the Little Claw, Jointed Slasher, and Straight Slasher.  Look no further if you’re looking for quality, hand-crafted offerings made by pros.  These baits will stand out of the pack and work for any level of musky angler.  All of the offerings from B&N are in the 7” range, making them perfect for downsized trolling or casting all season long.  These lures will get the job done and you’ll be supporting a great company valuing the tradition of hand-built lures.

You might have seen them by now, but a bait we’ve all been waiting for this year, the Livingston Kraken, finally made its debut this January at Musky Shop.  This bait is full of potential with its weighted hard body and replaceable rubber skirt, the variants are endless.  This lure is made to jig across the bottom, rip above a weed bed, or pump across rocky outcroppings.  It can follow a defined edge with small paused twitches to score you a monster musky, and if the skirt gets torn, you can find endless replacements at the Musky Shop so your body can continue for another day.

Another tremendous rubber offering is the highly anticipated Musky Innovations Quad Dawg.  This Dawg goes where no other Dawg has gone before—literally.  It features four undulating tails to really get the water churning with every pump of the rod.  The Quad Dawg features a more compact body and flexible harness to make it hop across structure and deep presentations with ease.  You won’t find more action below the surface and that is surely a guarantee when it comes to musky fishing success.

Musky Mayhem has entered the chat with their mondo-sized creation: the Monster Grenade.  No need to waste time understanding this lure, it's obvious from its profile.  The Monster Grenade will get the attention of muskies desperate for something HUGE to eat.  This lure features 5 sparkling skirts and back-end blades that will set every musky on edge within a 50-foot radius.  Despite its huge size, it only weighs about 7 oz. which allows a steady working pace to keep it without issue in a deep bite zone.  With optimum skirt flutter and blade vibration on every pull, this lure is sure to get the big critters quaking and deliver a mega musky to the net.

These are just a few of the new 2024 offerings from Musky Shop.  As the musky season nears, we are sure to get more lures in our lineup to complete your tackle wishlist. As our early inventory has just arrived, make sure you grab what you need as a lot of these items might be out-of-stock when you desperately need them closer to the season.  If you have any questions about utilizing these lures or any others, please reach out to Musky Shop in person, we would be more than happy to walk you through some tips on each bait and help you find the lures best suited for your fishing needs.