Jay's Bait of the Week : The KRAKEN

Written on 01/14/2024
Jay Esse

Designed and developed by acclaimed musky guide Steven Paul and the development team at Livingston Lures, the Kraken is a hybrid hard and soft plastic jerk bait intended to specifically target predatory game fish such as pike and musky.

 Traditional lures in this weight class are difficult and taxing on your body to cast for extended periods of time. Not the Kraken. Slow down your pulls, give it taps and short sweeps, with plenty of hang time. Resistance is slight.

  The interchangeable weight system gives it plenty of options, from faster sink to near neutral. Couple that with the extra tails, and available replacement tails...well, you get the picture. Modular and very versatile.

  Kraken may look like a "Tube" type lure, when in fact it is a total jerk/swim bait system. More replacement tail models are on the way and they all work wonders on big muskies. 

  Overall length is 10" and weight is 5.8oz. A moderately weighted presentation by today's standards and  perfect for a heavier action long musky rod. 

  I was fortunate enough to get a prototype (as seen in the attached video short) and i can confess it is fatigue free, and basically catches everything that hits it. Hooking on the Kraken is amazing.

  All 8 great color patterns and the Replacement tail packs are available at the Musky Shop January 16th where they will first go on sale!

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