Hot Tails Enticer : Jay's Musky Bait of the Week

Written on 01/08/2024
Jay Esse

The Enticer, from Hot Tail, is an exceptional glide bait. Made from Spanish cedar and meticulously crafted, this jerk bait is one from a series of fine jerk baits by Hot Tail.

  The body only measures at 8", plus the long soft tail. Weight is around 7.3 ounces. As far as musky fishing jerk/glide baits go, this is not a small offering, but most heavier jerk bait rods will cast and bring the lure back properly. The drop belly style cut towards the front of it helps produce the amazing side to side glide, and the back and forth wiggle that makes it shine as a slow to moderately paced musky and pike presentation. 
  Working it could not be more simple. Jerk it...pause. The initial pull fires up the wiggle, and the greater the slack line, the more side to side glide you will get. The sink rate is around a foot per second, so the Enticer will achieve depth fast if needed. 
  Multiple clear coats are applied over the quality paint work for years of hard, durable work. The colors available are a light colored one (white tiger) for all purpose conditions. A dark color (SP Tiger) Steve's personal go to color. Plus 7 more natural and even neon colors to fill the gap on your specific lake needs. 
  The purpose of it lies in the application. Naturally working the Entiver over shallow cover will produce fish, but try it in deeper situations. Count it down 5 or 6 seconds BEFORE starting your retrieve. It is working its magic on the fall. 
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