Mid-Medusa black. Upper Niagara River 42
Red October
41 on Cave Run with Cowgirl
Late season Ohio musky 48  caught on Bagly bango
I caught this fish on a soft plastic swim bait
Big Ski Hooked On Musky Baits
Show Girl Musky
Cave run lake Ky caught on custom Green Double Cowgirl
This is my father 90 years old with guide Tim Barker on Cave Run
40 inches caught on a yum
WV 54
West arm giant
Wabigoon Lake musky guest from Merkel’s Camp
First musky 44 on double cowgirl
Wa. Mepps Muskie killer
Nice 37 first Tiger Muskie
7 inch Grandma
Guest of Merkel’s Camp caught these the same afternoon
First musky! So stoked I forgot to measure. Yo-zuri glide bait.
Nice One