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Crazy Musky Action : Lake of the Woods

Written on 02/25/2020
Doug Wegner

Have you ever had one of those special days where it seemed like you could do no wrong? Like the musky Gods just said okay you have put in your time here ya go. I was lucky enough to have one of those special days this last summer with my good friend Jace Loge on Lake of The Woods. Let's get into how it all came together and the things that made this day great.

The biggest key to this day was a massive low pressure system that had moved in overnight. We had capitalized on it the day before right at dark with Jace catching a super heavy four footer our only fish of the day. Fast forward to the next morning we were leaving the dock around 7am. Dark skies still above from the nights rain showers. Our second spot of the day Jace has a fish come in on a string behind a bucktail in the front of the boat that somehow didn’t eat. As I was throwing a topwater out of the back. Jokingly I told him I was gonna show him how it was done boat side and put on my favorite Musky Frenzy 8/9 Stagger.

Two or three spots later coming in on my cast I see a long one right behind my bait. I went into my first turn of my oval she was still tight on it, speed up in the straight away and as soon as I started to make my second corner she devoured my Musky Frenzy 8/9 Stagger bucktail. Jace being the quick net man he is ran to the back and scooped her in a few seconds as the bait came out the instant I let off pressure. I look at him laughing and told him that’s how its done. A quick bump and a picture had us releasing a four footer to start our day. The bite window was open with two very active fish in less than 30 minutes. We were off and racing to the next spot trying to make the most of this window. A few casts into the spot Jace has another one come in hot and gets this one to eat again in the left corner. Being we are both right handed that is our bad side as far as hook sets so I quickly ran up and bagged the fish seconds after he hooked her.

Two spots in a row and now two four footers on the day. We were all jacked up! The next spot I wanted to fish was a nice rock shelf just around the corner. Like clock work 5 minutes into the spot Jace is setting up for another one boat side. Again the fish eats it in the left corner. A smaller 40-42 incher but 3 fish in 3 spots! As we released the fish I look behind me and could see the clouds breaking up.

I had a feeling as soon as we lost that low pressure we we’re going to loose our window. We continued on the spot and Jace has another one come in 3 or 4 casts after we had released his other fish on this same spot. She comes into the boat and nips the bait and takes off. Now I knew for sure our window is closing. I decide to make a 6-8 mile run to another stretch of great spots almost chasing the low pressure and running from the clear skies. Spot one had nothing to show. I decide to make another move 2 miles further away from the high pressure and within my first 5 casts have one come up late.

 As I was pulling my bait out of the water I see the fish. I quickly slap the bait back in the water and watch the fish turn around on a dime and crush the stagger in the first turn. The window was still open over here! A super fat 40-42’’er before we even got to the best part of the spot. Once we release the fish and get back on the spot it only took 2 casts to get crushed out from the boat. Jace comes to the back and bags a 46-47’’er for me. I take a second to look at my graph and its only 10:45 AM and we have 5 fish in the boat along with two other close calls. After a good release and another high five the clouds were gone. The high pressure had caught up to us and we only moved one more lazy fish over the next 4 hours. The window was closed but we had sure made the most of it!

There was a lot of things that lined up for this day to happen. The low pressure system was key, that had the fish fired up. Once we recognized the activity level we both changed to fast moving baits and wanted to cover as much water as possible. Our one two punch of double 9s and the 8/9 stagger. Burning the baits in and keeping the boat moving at 1.5-1.8 MPH. Fishing an area I knew very well helped a lot. We could hit multiple high percentage spots within a small area cutting down on the run time and focusing on making as many casts as possible on high percentage spots. Next was boat side tactics. Without being productive boat side we would have only caught one of the five fish.

 Long rods like my favorite 10’ XH Predator from Thorne Bros makes large ovals and 8s so easy giving the fish all the room they need to commit. Reading the body langue of a fish and learning as the day went on that they preferred the bait in the left corner. Knowing that if they wanted to eat it their net jobs would have to be fast an effective due to the bad hooking angle for right handed anglers. Quick net jobs along with fast pictures and only measuring fish we thought were close to the 50’’ mark made for strong fast releases. In the end it was a day I will never forget. Racing around the lake with one of my best friends catching muskies at will. Every now and then the musky Gods shine down on you and you have make the most of it.


Doug Wegner