Canada, U.S. extend border closure agreement until Aug. 21

Canada, U.S. extend border closure agreement until Aug. 21

Written on 07/15/2020
Musky News

The U.S. and Canada have agreed to keep their shared borders closed to non-essential traffic until at least late August because of COVID-19.

Acting U.S. Department of Homeland Security Chad Wolf said Thursday in announcing the extension that restrictions on cross-border traffic that have been in place since March have helped slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Officials had said in recent days that another 30-day extension was likely before the expiration of the previous 30-day extension.

The partial closure restricts crossing to commercial traffic, people returning to their home country and other travel deemed essential. It prohibits people from travelling between the countries for tourism or shopping, which is economically important to border communities.

The extension agreed to by the countries would keep the border closed until Aug. 21. As with previous closure extensions this could be extended past Aug. 21.